Connecting the dots…

Zone in to your comforts

You decided to get off the couch and get yourself to gym. But 6 months later you’re still doing the same exercises.

You realised you couldn’t eat take-outs all your life and learnt to cook. A year on and you’re still only making the same 3 dishes.

You started feeling out-of-date so decided to expand your musical soundscape by hooking yourself up with an online streaming service. It’s 6 months later and you’re listening to the same playlist that the system put together for you when you joined.

You realised your literary knowledge was lacking so you decided to start reading books. 3 years later you’ve almost made it though all the books in the political thriller genre.

Comfort zones are always lurking around the next corner. If you’re not cautious, you’ll slip into one without even realising it. You congratulate yourself for making a change, thereby giving yourself the grace to sit back a bit and relax. But the new groove becomes the old, repetitive groove very quickly if you don’t watch yourself.