Connecting the dots…


There’s never enough of it. There are so many things to do, so much work to get done, so many projects to complete, but there never seems to be enough time to do it all.

There are tasks on your task list that just seem to have been there forever. They’ve gathered so much dust you probably can’t even remember what they were about. These are things you never seem to get to because there is always something else more important that comes up.

There are stories on the backlog that keep getting moved down the backlog because another story turns out to be more valuable. The story’s moved so many times the card is by now dog-eared and sad looking from all the neglect.

There is only so much you can do. There are only so many different projects you can try to juggle (‘try’ being the operative word). Your first step is to prioritize. Always work on the most important thing. Once you’ve done that, recheck your priorities and start the next thing. If you’re already doing this and your list keeps growing, take some time out to cull the items off the bottom of your backlog or task list. It just causes you stress to see such a long list. If the work was really that important it will rear its head again when the time is right. if you feel you can’t cull it, at least move it into an “Archive” list so that it isn’t visible to you. Once you get near the end of your current list, then you can take some time to review the archived list. You’ll probably find either that there’s nothing in there of value anymore or that the value is no longer relevant.

More important is to keep your focus on the present task. Stay in the moment and enjoy what it is you’re doing now. There will always be more ‘stuff’ waiting for you in the future. There’s no point stressing about it.

Life will go on.