Connecting the dots…

Think wider

We draw our own boundaries. They help us define who we are, where we want to be, what we want to think about, what we’re willing to deal with.

We draw a boundary around our route to work because we know it well, feel safe on it and it gets us to our destination in the fastest and most reliable way possible.

We draw boundaries around our friends because we know them well and feel comfortable with them.

We draw a boundary around our job because we know what we can do well and what we want to be responsible for.

The problem with boundaries is that as much as they keep others outside your turf, they keep you inside yours.

Taking a different route to work could show you a part of the world you never knew before.

Speaking to strangers in the cafeteria queue could start a serendipitous friendship.

Doing something outside your traditional role at work could highlight something that you’re really good at but never knew, and perhaps even find more rewarding.

We’re all living in a system that is larger than the boundaries we put up. Exploring outside your boundaries might just be the catalyst for new opportunities and experiences you never knew existed.






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