Connecting the dots…

The unconscious, conscious

Have you noticed how people sometimes look at their watches when asked when a particular future event is? This behavior doesn’t make sense – their watch will show them the current time, not the date of some future event. (I’m not talking about Smart watches here though – this behaviour has been around long before smart watches came into the picture.) I wonder if it may be that a watch is a tool to help us navigate through time. When we are faced with a question of time, whether it’s a date or time in the future, the natural reaction is to go to the tool. Perhaps it’s a crutch?

Another interesting behaviour I’ve observed is how men first spit into the urinals before they start their business. I’m sure they don’t need to, but still they do. This is an infectious behaviour too – I’ve caught myself doing it too, with no real reason.

How much of our behavior is unconscious? I’ve mentioned before how we’re often unaware of how we speak. How much of our lives are we spending in the dark, unaware of what we’re doing?

Perhaps if we interrogated our unconscious behaviours more we could make our lives more conscious and deliberate. We could take control.






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