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The path of least resistance

It’s become quite clear to me that the more I use technology, the more I just want it to work. Reliability and ease-of-use are extremely important factors for me. If I start my mail app, it must start quickly and it must immediately connect and send mail, without problems. It must also be clear and quick to write a mail and new mail should arrive as quickly as possible.

Focus is another important consideration. I want to be focused on the task as hand and get that completed in the shortest time possible. I don’t want endless notifications interrupting me and breaking me away from the immediacy of my current task.

This is why I’m increasingly choosing my iPad over my Mac. My iPad is always on, even when it’s off. If doesn’t go into a sleep mode that it takes a couple of seconds to wake from. Apps work reliably and connectivity is never a consideration. It is connected all the time. I’m having endless problems with my MacBook and yes, I could probably sort it out by reinstalling the problematic apps, or reconfiguring the network settings or a variety of other actions, but the point is that I don’t even have to think about these actions on my iPad.

Yes, there is functionality that is either missing or slightly more difficult to get to on the iPad but I’m willing to make these sacrifices for the convenience and lowering of my stress levels. In my early IT career, I was like every other geek that wanted the biggest, most badass desktop with the fastest processor, most RAM and awesomely powerful graphics card, but when you realize that these factors mean increasingly less and less in a world where we just need to communicate easily and quickly, you start seeing the folly in that line of thinking. There will always be the use cases for the best, most advanced tech, but increasingly it isn’t relevant in the everyday workplace.

So for me the argument isn’t iOS vs Android, but rather Desktop vs Mobile OS. I’ve made my choice.






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