Connecting the dots…

That thing you do

There’s that thing you do.

That thing that only you can do the way that you do.

You may not know it though. You probably spent a lot of your early life not knowing that you can do it.

Or you may have been doing it all along and not known you were, or even what it was you were doing or what impact it was having.

You may have looked around you, seen what others do, listened to what the media and society tells you to do and thought to yourself that this thing you do isn’t valuable, isn’t needed, isn’t important, isn’t worthwhile.

It highly possible that you have even hidden it, scared of the repercussions of doing that thing you do, of the backlash that may ensure, the changes it might ignite.

But the more you discover, the more you learn, the more you fit the pieces of self together, the clearer it becomes that this thing you do is at the core of you. It is you. It’s what you’re supposed to be, for you and for the world.

Abandon the rest.

Do that thing you do.






3 responses to “That thing you do”

  1. Paul Avatar

    What an amazing comment on life society and the universe

    1. Songsta Avatar

      Thanks Paul.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Love it…

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