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Slide away from me

Death by PowerPointThere’s a serious evil lurking in our corporates. It’s in our faces all the time. It flaunts itself in front of everyone. It keeps us looking into its eyes, distracting us from the real story going on around us.

The slide deck is not your friend.

How did it become so pervasive? No longer simply for presentations, it’s become the only mechanism to convey corporate information. Gone are Word documents, with their boring and tedious “longer-than-140-characters” paragraphs. There no longer seems to be a place for prose, for exposition, development and recapitulation. Where are the powerful storylines, their arcs of narrative and their rousing climaxes?

Instead we’re force-fed the spam of uniformity, of visual sugar packaged into wide-screen bite-size chunks, lulling us with the lie that – click – the world moves – click – predictably forward in – click – linear steps.

Perhaps we present because we feel the need to present, not ourselves, but the self we want to present, never truly present?

I won’t fit into that box. No, you won’t draw a border around me or fill me with your conformity. There are stories to be told, characters that cannot be aligned, adventures beyond the fourth wall.

Yes, I know everyone else is doing it. Exactly my point.

Questions? No?

Thank you.






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