Connecting the dots…

Scrambled signals

MixedSignalsposter01It’s sometimes amazing how simple it can be to solve a problem. Usually, it means getting together face to face, instead of long, threaded emails bouncing backwards and forwards trying to explain your point. It’s also not good enough to get only a few of the people together. Every stakeholder needs to be in the same room. If not, someone needs to start relaying information, and we know all know how tricky and unreliable that can be.

We’re social beings that have evolved and adapted over hundreds of thousands of years to send and receive a myriad of body language signals to and from each other.  We often don’t even know that we’re sending or receiving these signals. It’s innate and often subconscious. They’re amazingly powerful and help remove confusion.

The written word is a small part of our communication toolbox, it’s not everything there is. In fact, often it’s the bluntest tool, especially in this digital age of quickly thumb-pecked mini-phrases laced with abbreviations and auto-corrected incorrectness.

Don’t ignore the wonderful tools Mother Nature has worked over the aeons to give you. Look someone in their eyes and say hello.






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