Connecting the dots…


The drive for power is a human condition. We can’t escape it. It’s built into our DNA.

The way that power is expressed is however up to you.

One man might obsessively build up his body, only seeing power in physical strength.

Another man might dominate his wife, taking power from her fear.

An executive may revel in the power of having lots of people reporting to her and giving them orders.

A middle-manager might try to elevate her own self-important and power by criticising other middle-managers behind their backs.

But power doesn’t have to be destructive.

The body builder would be more powerful if he embraced the building up of his wholeness, instead of just one part.

The dominating man would be more powerful if he embraced and supported his wife.

The executive would be far more powerful if she inspired and encouraged her team as a true servant leader.

The middle-manager would be far more powerful if she were honest and open with the other middle-managers and tried to give constructive feedback for the good of the company.

The power is in your hands. You choose whether the higher or lower ‘you’ wins out.






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