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Org Structure

The organisational structures we live and work in have been around for so long we don’t know anything else. We just accept them and become part of them. But just because it’s all we’ve ever known doesn’t mean it’s right and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s the only way to be. There are other ways. Ways that don’t involve the command-and-control paradigm that just about every organization inhabits. Ways that include everyone in a collaborative decision making process. Ways that replace managers for true leaders. Ways that tap into the real purpose of the organization and those that are a part of it. Ways that can bring about massive revenue growth not because of a focus on it, but rather as a side effect of this focus on true purpose. Ways that allow us to express our wholeness, not just our work-ness.

But it takes courage to walk that path. It takes the commitment from the leaders, because they are the only ones in the current paradigm that can change the structures. It takes perseverance, because change is hard. It takes patience and empathy, because people aren’t machines and need the space and time to adapt and grow.

But no matter how difficult it is, it needs to happen.






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