Connecting the dots…

No, you’re not a good driver

I drove by yet another terrible car accident this week. This just increases my hope that we’ll have completely autonomous traffic in my lifetime. I can’t wait for self-driving cars to become the norm and take over from humans.  We really do think we’re infallible and unbreakable. Our irrational brains are not made for the complexity of traffic. We hold on to the idea of driving as fun, as something we like doing because we think we’re in control. There are so many reasons why humans don’t want to give it up. They say “I don’t trust machines. What if the computer freezes or (pun intended) crashes while its driving?” “Computers don’t have any nuance. They can’t get you out of tricky situations”.

Computers don’t get road rage. They don’t drink and drive. They don’t eat takeout, drink coffee, put on make-up, talk on the phone or check Facebook while driving.

I have news for you all. I don’t want any of you on the road anymore. You’re all bad drivers. So am I. When we compare ourselves to how well computers already drive we’re already starting to lose this game. When we compare ourselves to what they soon be able to do, they are streaks ahead. The world will be a safer place when humans aren’t behind the wheel anymore.






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