Connecting the dots…

New game, new rules.

We believe we can keep the order. We think we can regulate the world around us, control it, organize it to fit neatly into a construct that make sense to us, that we can understand and neatly categorize.

We create processes and procedures to organize and optimize our lives, worshipping efficiency and speed above all else.

When our organizations grow beyond a handful of people we implement structures and hierarchies so everyone knows their place, knows what to do and knows what’s expected of them.

When our human-created systems start to fail or break, we put even more controls in place, more regulations, more rules.

The rules and structures we create used to work in an industrial era of machines and parts, cogs and wheels. An engine is complicated, but with enough time and effort you can figure it out and understand how it works.

A system involving people is complex and defies ordering. It’s a network and the forces at play are often hidden from view.

The game has changed. Don’t get stuck playing by the old rules.