Connecting the dots…

More than just you

I’ve been coding over the weekends. I’m building an online platform as part of my masters degree. It’s been so refreshing working in the analytical and logical world of code again! So much of my life is spent working with people, listening, observing, coaching, helping them grow. Computers and code are nothing like that. Troubleshooting is easy. It simply involves following the logical thread back to the errant line of code, prying apart the syntax, the logic and the patterns and then putting it together differently until it works.


I’ve realised I need both aspects. I need people, with all their messy emotions, baggage history, hopes, fears, pains and joys. Being human is about that interaction. But I also need to work out my gray muscle, challenging myself to solve analytical and logical problems. I wouldn’t feel complete without both.


There are so many aspects to being human. I wonder how many more I’m going to discover?






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