Connecting the dots…

It’s a choice you have

When you wake up, you could jump out of bed immediately and get going with the day ahead, or you could lie in trying to avoid the inevitable until the last possible moment.

When you drive to work, you could lose your temper, working yourself into a frenzy about the terrible traffic and the awful drivers on the road, or you could observe the beauty of the trees in the park as you drive by or the happy smiles of the people setting up their shops as they start their day.

When you get to work, you could open your laptop, put in your earphones and try to avoid interacting with as many people as possible, or you could invite a colleague for a coffee or breakfast to find out a bit more about them.

During that meeting you scheduled to sort out that complicated issue, you could argue your point vehemently, not backing down because you know you’re right, or you could actively listen to the other point of view and work together to figure out a working compromise.

When you get home, you could throw your bag down and flick on the TV, telling yourself you deserve to relax after the day you’ve had, or you could start on that personal project you’ve been dreaming about.

They’re all choices. It’s up to you to make them.