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Filler up

Lately I’ve been observing the use of filler words. You know, like, actually, totally overused meaningless words. The two phrases that interest me most are “you know” and “I mean”. When people say “you know” all the time, are they craving for understanding? Is what they’re actually trying to say “Surely you understand what I’m trying to say?” When someone says “you know” to me, I want to say to them “No, I don’t know. Could you please explain further?”.

Saying “you know” doesn’t magically make the other person understand what you’re trying to communicate. What really makes the other person understand better is clearly articulating your thoughts, with, like, actual words.






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  1. Paul Avatar

    Filler words have become part of the language. Sometimes we struggle to transfer ideas due to it being either unclear, the speaker being stressed / anxious, or facing a language barrier.

    Out of my personal experience, the following helps:
    Think before engaging in conversations,
    To quote Hannibal from the A-team `I mean if they walk on two legs and breathe air, they eat dirt and they do the chicken just like everyone else. `
    If you are talking in a foreign tongue, try using your foreign tongue for the words you can’t find, your audience might actually understand you.

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