Connecting the dots…

Disengage autopilot

We do a lot of things on autopilot and that can be good. It’s an evolutionary mechanism we have that allows us to learn quickly and to form habits. Doing something a few times cause our synapses to fire in certain sequences, causing pathways once non existent to become first rough dirt tracks and then tarred superhighways in our brain. As I said, this can be a good thing, when the action we’re doing is good for us. However this is not always the case. We often build and cement neural pathways of actions that aren’t constructive or even quite destructive. To rewire ourselves we need to think slow, consciously understanding what the action is, what the triggers are and what the outcome is. Then we need to choose another outcome and another action that will get us there. By changing your actions, you change your brain. 
It’s isn’t easy to make yourself take a new path as the old one is so convenient and fast! But if the destination isn’t the right one, it doesn’t matter how fast and convenient you travel down that road. You’ll still end up in the wrong place. 






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