Connecting the dots…

Designing for life

I am fascinated with how our creations – both physical and virtual – are conceived and designed to fit into our lives.
There is great insight to be learnt about how a creator perceive the world around them from the way they build something. My initial fascination developed during my initial years in software development, where I needed to create software interfaces that would easily allow people to perform certain functions. This was initially quite tricky, as I believed that I only had other software interfaces to draw inspiration from. After a while I started realizing that interfaces were all around me and that I could draw from many physical interfaces that had stood the test of time. I also realized that some of these tried and tested interfaces should also be questioned and not simply be taken as the optimal expression thereof.

I find myself questioning all aspects of design, not simply interfaces that require interactions. Often I stop to re-read a sign that doesn’t quite convey the meaning that I’m sure it was meant to convey, or question the layout of furniture in a room, or notice a particular quizzical aspect of a building.

This collection of writings seeks to capture these observations, to hopefully create conversations and bring about an increased level of awareness of the importance of careful, thoughtful design, as it impacts so many aspects of our daily lives.






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