Connecting the dots…


How do you contribute? How do you get involved? How do you make a difference and help bring some balance, some normality to a world that seems to be spiralling out of control? I guess this is something that a lot of people are thinking about right now in South Africa and probably in quite a few other places too (here’s looking at you, USA).

A good start would be to educate yourself as much as possible about what is going on. Try to understand as many angles to the situation as possible – there’s never only one side to the story. Be critical about what you read – everyone brings their own subjectivity to the discussion, including journalists and media outlets. Understanding your sources affiliations, history & funding will go a long way to understanding the perspective they’re aligned to.

Armed with your new-found information, seek out others that are working towards the same future you want. Changing the world is easier when there are others walking the path with you supporting you. Doing it alone is not only extremely difficult, but also very lonely. Add your voice to the throng and help make the message louder and travel further and higher.

Most importantly though is to find those skills and gifts that are unique to you and work out the best way that you can use these in the service of others. We all have these skills and gifts but sometimes we just haven’t yet figured out what they are yet. No matter though if you haven’t figured it out yet – just keep lending your voice where you can.

However you do it, whtever way works for you, just contribute. If you don’t, you have no right to sit around moaning about the situation. It’s not going to be fixed by someone else – it’s going to be fixed by all of us taking part and taking accountability for our lives and our future.






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