Connecting the dots…


There is a rhythm to life.

It starts with the heartbeat, the underlying drumbeat that propels us.

Then there’s the day/night, day/night, light/dark, light/dark,

The go go go, sleeeeeep, repeat. Circadian rhythms we all share.

The waxing, waning, gibbous, crescent,

dance of light between sun and moon

brings a visual rhythm to the night’s sky.

The subtle oscillation of our globe brings the next order rhythm,

Seasons of growth, decay,

shoot up, and wither down.

For the next beat, we gaze further afar, to the giver of all life.

We dance around her, captivated by her, drawing from her,

celebrating each revolution.

Now we find ourselves on the cusp of yet another repeat,

a dal segno taking us back to the beginning of the song.

The rhythms will repeat, ultimately the same,

over and over again.

But how we sing the song the next time around,

that is what makes all the difference.






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