Connecting the dots…

The light and dark of confidence

Confidence is powerful. It’s a sign to others that you know what you doing, that you know the answer, that others should listen and take note. We tend to gravitate towards confidence; we want to be close to what we perceive as strength.

What’s interesting about confidence is that it is separate from ability. Confidence is a belief in abilities, not the measure of the abilitie themselves. We’ve all experienced deluded confidence, that person that believes wholeheartedly in their abilities, but their abilities simply don’t match their perception. These people still tend to thrive and they manage to get ahead. Our perception of others is often more persuasive than their truths.

We also see the opposite: extremely capable or intelligent people that simply don’t have any self-confidence, even though others can see it. These people tend to languish in the back rooms of companies and social events, lost gems of potential, shut away behind their own cloaks of inadequacy.

How often is this world pushed in a specific direction because the incapable own the stage when the truly capable don’t want to be anywhere near the spotlight?

I’m not going to try to reach those in the first camp. They’re usually too caught up in themselves to be able to view themselves objectively. But those in the second camp need to be pushed a bit for the benefit of all. Change the way you think about yourself. Try on the Cape of Confidence. Give it a whirl even though you may not believe it fits you. Fake it until you make it. Soon you’ll realise it was tailor-made for you.






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