Connecting the dots…

It’s Time

It’s time.
Time to do something.
Time to stand up and say “enough!”
Time to reclaim what we’ve fought so hard for.
Time to leave our differences behind us and unite.
Time to stop being distracted by the story spinning, the divisive propaganda.
Time to help those around us see what’s really going on.
Time to say “No! This is not what we want!”

If we let time go by, the dysfunction, the disease, will again become the norm.
We’ll settle back into complacency, easily distracted by snake-oil salespeople
Facebook-feeding our dreams and desires.
We’ll lose track, lose time, lose interest.

But it’s time to stop feeding.
Time to stop the vampiric feeding from our limping Mother’s arteries.
Time to rip off the leeches, throw them into the fire pit,
cauterise and dress the wounds.
Time to take our Mother under the arms,
Help her back to her feet.
Time to start singing the songs that brought us together.

It’s time.