Connecting the dots…

Always take the stairs

Sit, observe. You will be the only one.

We get lost in our technology. It becomes easier to do things so we believe that the easier path is better. Progress leads us into a future full of exciting possibilities as well as stupendous inanities. The shiny glint of chrome, glass and plastic distracts and attracts us away from long-known truths about what really matters. A distracted mind is a malleable mind, ready for the planting of false dreams, wants, desires not our own, but of money-hungry peddlers of lies. Streams of ads pierce our mental fabric, infecting us, making us thirst for the new, the exciting. Anxiety-ridden, fearful of being left behind, we spiral closer to our commercial nirvana, tantalising close, but always just one model behind true enlightenment.

So I always take the stairs. There is a refreshing simplicity to it – an ancient technology, tried and tested; proven. Each step felt palpably, intentionally, physically. I’m not a passenger in a box of strangers! No, indeed! I’m the master of my own destiny. I chose my path up or down, vote with my feet, my blood pumping a little faster telling me I’m alive, I’m not following or being swayed from my path. I relish the look of disbelief from the crowds as I head off proudly into the stairwell, ready to reconnect with my individuality, proving to myself that I am indeed unique.

You have a choice. Always a choice. Look up, see the world and choose your path.






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