Clarity in the midst of the the storm

There are some days that are easier than others. Days when you can’t seem to get it right, whatever “it” is. Frustration sets in. Anger even. “I didn’t have a problem with this yesterday!” ”This is supposed to be easy!” Even the calm, composed, rational thinking that you pride yourself on goes out the window.Continue reading “Clarity in the midst of the the storm”

No, you’re not a good driver

I drove by yet another terrible car accident this week. This just increases my hope that we’ll have completely autonomous traffic in my lifetime. I can’t wait for self-driving cars to become the norm and take over from humans.  We really do think we’re infallible and unbreakable. Our irrational brains are not made for the complexityContinue reading “No, you’re not a good driver”

Agile – the answer to world peace.

I have heard some fascinating rebuttals during my years coaching agile. There are always reasons why people don’t want to change, learn or grow. This is one I heard recently: Agile’s not going to solve all our problems. It was never supposed to. Nothing can ever solve all your problems. That’s not what Agile wasContinue reading “Agile – the answer to world peace.”