Quick quick, let’s get to the solution!

It seems to be a consistent pattern that people jump into solution mode prematurely. Often it’s important for us to go from a problem to a solution quickly. If we’re crossing the road and a car is coming towards you at high speed, the solution is obvious – RUN! But in the complex enterprises weContinue reading “Quick quick, let’s get to the solution!”

Think Different, fundamentally.

One of the most common rebuttals I often hear during an Agile transformation is “Oh, we’re already doing all this stuff. We just don’t call it Agile.” When I hear this, I try to stay as open-minded as possible, so I nod and find the first chance to observe. Usually my observations confirm very quicklyContinue reading “Think Different, fundamentally.”

Think twice before mocking cargo cults

Reporter Paul Raffaele: “John [Frum] promised you much cargo more than 60 years ago, and none has come. … Why do you still believe in him?” Chief Isaac Wan: “You Christians have been waiting 2,000 years for Jesus to return to earth and you haven’t given up hope.” – Raffaele, Paul “In John They Trust”Continue reading “Think twice before mocking cargo cults”

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

There is a progression towards mastery. There are no shortcuts. Shortcuts miss the point, which is that the journey is the most important part of mastery, not some final destination. The concept of shuhari is becoming quite well known in the agile world. It means roughly: “first learn, then detach, and finally transcend.” I leaveContinue reading “Let’s start with the basics, shall we?”

Filler up

Lately I’ve been observing the use of filler words. You know, like, actually, totally overused meaningless words. The two phrases that interest me most are “you know” and “I mean”. When people say “you know” all the time, are they craving for understanding? Is what they’re actually trying to say “Surely you understand what I’mContinue reading “Filler up”