Track the process, not the outcomes

master ladderI read an interesting post by John Maeda where he questions what exactly we should be practising for the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell suggests is required to master a skill. He points out that although we can understand that it takes this extended time to master a skill, often we are not sure exactly what it is that we should be practising for this time.

Coaching tech UX

Back to my future

Today I started my engine to travel along a new path. My passion for building software that solves problems was too strong to ignore and so today I join ThoughWorks to continue my quest to help the world by building better software. I’ve long been an advocate of Agile development practices, using it to improve the software development practices at White Wall Web. ThoughtWorks has always been on the forefront of Agile and custom software development so I believe the match is a great one. ThoughtWorks also focuses on positive social change and to rings very true for me.

I’ll be focusing on understanding clients needs and issues and then creating highly usable and simple solutions to address these needs and issues. Clear and simply user experience is a major driver for me and I’ll be pushing this agenda hard.

I’m grateful that the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve worked with and the clients I’ve had have brought me to this new juncture. The future is bright!