Connecting the dots…

Do we need to die?

What is the reason we still die? Is it just a technical glitch we haven’t figured out how to fix yet? We’re busy solving all the other technical glitches so we should eventually get to this one. Our religions have told us our only reason for living is to get to the glorious hereafter, but if we didn’t have to die, priests, shamans and other religious leaders would be out of a job, replaced by engineers.

Growing old would also be pointless. People would stop ageing. They would choose their optimal physical age, possibly growing older for a while for aesthetics, trying out a new look and then returning to a more youthful bloom when they got bored of it.

We wouldn’t need to have children to pass the genes on. Having kids would be more about expanding your reach, growing your empire.

There would probably be too many people in the world though. It would probably only be the rich that could afford not to die. The poor would continue along the standard path to the reaper.

Perhaps our psyches couldn’t handle living for ever? Maybe we’re not made to be able to handle that amount of information and change? But if we solved for death, we’d probably solve for that problem too.

But perhaps by staying in this existence we’re stopping ourselves from living in another parallel existence, another experience that our soul could have but that we’re now denying it.

Amortality is no longer just something dreamed up by science-fiction writers. Today some of the largest companies in the world are investing heavily in it. It probably won’t happen in my lifetime, but when it does it will no doubt be the biggest revolution in human history and it will change everything.