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Category: Music

  • A face there

  • Rough Days

    Here’s a track from a while back. Thanks for Bruce Little for his great vocals!

  • Resistance

    My latest track is inspired by a book I recently read – The War of Art. Even though I don’t think it’s the best book I’ve read, the sentiment resonated with me, especially since I’ve made my goal for this year to write as many songs as possible. Enjoy!

  • Cog in the Machine

    Happy Friday all! To celebrate the freedom that is the weekend, here’s a song to stick it to the man. And the lyrics Chained to my cubicle. Handcuffed to the screen. Orders sent through email, keep it clean, the machine.   Clock ticks, time slows There’s a break coming soon. Bell goes, chains off, March to…

  • Bodies bodies everywhere

    Here’s the next track for all you out there. Hope you like it, and as usual, I’d appreciate feedback.

  • Behind Closed Doors

    Here’s my latest track and the first for 2016. It’s a song written in reaction to the suicide of my friend, Eirin Lankwarden. I got to know Eirin through a mutual friend and he was helping me learn about trading. It was a huge shock to hear that he’d taken his own life as he seemed…