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What’s in a name?

Language is powerful tool. The words we use are labels for concepts that exist in minds. They’re the mechanism for conveying our perception of reality to others. We often don’t take full control of this tool, using phrases, metaphors and vernacular that generalises our concepts to the lowest common denominator. I’ve been thinking about this with reference to the labels…

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The ever expanding horizon

As I sit here, looking out over my ‘hood on the first day of my 43rd year, I’m struck by how much my sense of self has changed throughout my life, shaped by the multitude of experiences I’ve gone through. I remember my early teens and my discovery of the joy and ecstasy of classical music, believing then that I…

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Fail fast

This concept seems to cause quite a bit of confusion. “Why would you want to fail?” “Are you trying to fail?”  No, we’re not trying to fail. What we’re trying to do is to test our hypotheses about whether the product or service we think we should be building is actually the product or service the customer wants, and we’re…

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Cross-functional + Poly-skilled = Grooving!

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Agile FAQ

One of the main tenets of agile is working in cross-functional teams. This means that individuals in the team each have their own functional expertise,together working towards a combined goal. Having different functions working together increases the chances of creating a great solution; one team member will be able to highlight issues that the others didn’t think about. A person’s…

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The light and dark of confidence

Confidence is powerful. It’s a sign to others that you know what you doing, that you know the answer, that others should listen and take note. We tend to gravitate towards confidence; we want to be close to what we perceive as strength. What’s interesting about confidence is that it is separate from ability. Confidence is a belief in abilities,…

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Every step you take

A friend recently pointed out a simple but profound truth – “you cannot do step 19 without doing step 1”. It seems a bit of a “like, ‘duh’” statement, but there’s more power in it than you may realise. Self-improvement is a journey, not a destination. We often imagine this perfect state where we’re able to run a marathon under…

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Trust in your team

Trusting that your team is capable is beneficial for everyone. Your team feels empowered and takes responsibility for getting stuff done. You can focus on the work you need to do, knowing that others are doing the same. It’s not easy though, especially if you’re used to micro-managing. You have to let go of the need to control everything. But…

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Cultural Tourism

There are many ways you can experience a place when travelling. One usually starts with sightseeing – get a guide book and work your way through the unique sights of the place. Be inspired by the uniqueness of the natural visual beauty that only exists in that specific part of the world. Marvel at the man-made buildings, structures and edifices…

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