Culture change

When organizations need to change, they generally set up task teams to handle all the various aspects of the change. People, processes, finance, HR, branding & marketing and culture. Culture is usually seen as simply a part of the puzzle. However, as Lou Gerstner said in his book “Who says elephants can’t dance?”: I came … Read moreCulture change

Old dog tricks

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Who says? Everybody? This kind of thinking holds us back. It’s a persistent cultural belief (at least in some cultures) that your ability to learn new things deteriorates as you get older. This smacks of logical fallaciousness to me. Perhaps we observe older people and their apparent lack … Read moreOld dog tricks


The drive for power is a human condition. We can’t escape it. It’s built into our DNA. The way that power is expressed is however up to you. One man might obsessively build up his body, only seeing power in physical strength. Another man might dominate his wife, taking power from her fear. An executive … Read morePower