Having license doesn’t mean you should do it!

There’s a song called Unconditionally by Katy Perry. The accents of the syllables are incorrectly placed – Katy sings “uncondiSHUNally”. You may argue that it doesn’t make much difference and that musicians have artistic licence. I would argue that, generally, a singer is trying to get a message across with their lyrics and that they … Read moreHaving license doesn’t mean you should do it!

User Story Review Speed Dating Style!

If you find yourself on a large agile transformation programme, one of the issues you’ll probably struggle with is ensuring good quality User Stories across many feature teams. This can be especially difficult if you have limited coaches and aren’t able to spend enough dedicated time with each team, let alone each BA. You will probably try … Read moreUser Story Review Speed Dating Style!


This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series 52 Songs

My latest track is inspired by a book I recently read – The War of Art. Even though I don’t think it’s the best book I’ve read, the sentiment resonated with me, especially since I’ve made my goal for this year to write as many songs as possible. Enjoy!

Can you teach the right attitude?

Is it possible to teach someone how to have to right attitude? As a consultant working for a company that both delivers software and trains others on how to develop software properly, I’m always searching for the best training and communication techniques. These techniques usually revolve around helping agile novice BAs understand the Agile Way … Read moreCan you teach the right attitude?

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