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Behind Closed Doors

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series 52 Songs

Here’s my latest track and the first for 2016. It’s a song written in reaction to the suicide of my friend, Eirin Lankwarden. I got to know Eirin through a mutual friend and he was helping me learn about trading. It was a huge shock to hear that he’d taken his own life as he seemed so sorted and happy.  

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Can you teach the right attitude?

Is it possible to teach someone how to have to right attitude? As a consultant working for a company that both delivers software and trains others on how to develop software properly, I’m always searching for the best training and communication techniques. These techniques usually revolve around helping agile novice BAs understand the Agile Way – scoping requirements, writing stories…

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Who’s story is it anyway?

No, it’s not yours. No matter what you may think, the story just isn’t yours. You may have a hand in it, you may even pick it up off the backlog and start working on it, but really, it belongs to the team. As a Business Analyst on an Agile project (or indeed, on any project), it’s your responsibility to…

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Back to my future

Today I started my engine to travel along a new path. My passion for building software that solves problems was too strong to ignore and so today I join ThoughWorks to continue my quest to help the world by building better software. I’ve long been an advocate of Agile development practices, using it to improve the software development practices at…

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The path of least resistance

It’s become quite clear to me that the more I use technology, the more I just want it to work. Reliability and ease-of-use are extremely important factors for me. If I start my mail app, it must start quickly and it must immediately connect and send mail, without problems. It must also be clear and quick to write a mail…

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