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The power of us

One of the disheartening outcomes of the traditional hierarchical model of management is that it fosters the mindset that managers need to have all the answers. In a command and control environment, if someone is in a position of power, it follows that they must have the answers.

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The present presence

It’s difficult to live in the now. Our minds usually race between past and future, only briefly touching on the present when we have to deal with reality, like not crashing into the car in front of us, or avoiding the dog poo while out for a stroll. I guess that’s a human condition. We have the ability to remember events (although not as clearly as we think) and feel the emotions we felt then, as well as project ourselves into the future and imagine something that hasn’t happened yet. This is both a blessing and a curse.

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Don’t go it alone

The value in team work

This morning I decided I needed to improve my gym routine. I’ve been struggling to motivate myself lately and don’t feel like I’ve always been getting the value I could from my workout sessions. So when I got to gym this morning and heard an announcement for the “Killer Abs” class, it immediately piqued my interest, as it’s something I haven’t done in a while.

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