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Trying to avoid distraction

 It’s seems that I have many many things to do. I also don’t seem to be able to choose which of these many things is the most important. I start with something which I deem to be the most important, but within a few minutes and a few notifications from my phone later, I realise I’ve moved onto a completely…

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Always take the stairs

We get lost in our technology. It becomes easier to do things so we believe that the easier path is better. Progress leads us into a future full of exciting possibilities as well as stupendous inanities. The shiny glint of chrome, glass and plastic distracts and attracts us away from long-known truths about what really matters. A distracted mind is…

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Having license doesn’t mean you should do it!

There’s a song called Unconditionally by Katy Perry. The accents of the syllables are incorrectly placed – Katy sings “uncondiSHUNally”. You may argue that it doesn’t make much difference and that musicians have artistic licence. I would argue that, generally, a singer is trying to get a message across with their lyrics and that they should try to be as…

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Let’s get our priorities straight

It’s important to prioritise. Yes, you’ve heard that before and you’ve probably heard it often. It seems like such an obvious point, and it is, but it’s often really hard advice to follow. Every minute of the day there are hundreds of things vying for our attention, all calling to be handled and dealt with NOW, all wanting immediate gratification.…

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Agile @ Scale In 7 Easy Steps

Ok, the title is a bit of a lie, but I had to get your attention somehow. (With attention spans what they are today, you need all the cheap tricks you can get to keep ’em reading.) Scaling agile isn’t easy and there aren’t really 7 steps, but there are a few techniques, mindsets and practices that can certainly help.…

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User Story Review Speed Dating Style!

If you find yourself on a large agile transformation programme, one of the issues you’ll probably struggle with is ensuring good quality User Stories across many feature teams. This can be especially difficult if you have limited coaches and aren’t able to spend enough dedicated time with each team, let alone each BA. You will probably try many of the standard approaches…

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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series 52 Songs

My latest track is inspired by a book I recently read – The War of Art. Even though I don’t think it’s the best book I’ve read, the sentiment resonated with me, especially since I’ve made my goal for this year to write as many songs as possible. Enjoy!

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Cog in the Machine

Happy Friday all! To celebrate the freedom that is the weekend, here’s a song to stick it to the man. And the lyrics: Chained to my cubicle. Handcuffed to the screen. orders sent through email keep it clean, the machine. Clock ticks, time slows There’s a break coming soon. Bell goes, chains off, March to the machine. (One) Machine (two) machine…

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Bodies bodies everywhere

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series 52 Songs

Here’s the next track for all you out there. Hope you like it, and as usual, I’d appreciate feedback. UPDATE: Apologies for the broken link. I’ve now updated it so it should work.

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