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Teach a person to fish

teach-a-man-to-fish-eric-tresslerAs I start a new chapter in my life, I’m reminded of the old saying, “Give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.” The origins of this say are highly contested, but that doesn’t dectract from the truth of it. 

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I revisited an old stomping ground today – my old school in the Drakensberg. It conjured up quite a few memories. Memories of hikes through the mountains, tubing down the flooding rivers, running down from the school to go for swims in the river during school breaks. As I was walking along the river, I realised that it was different…

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Rules are there to be broken

This is one of those lovely phrases that can be liberating or frustrating, depending on what side of the argument you’re on. If they’re your rules, it’s clearly frustrating. If you’re trying to break them, it’s liberating challenging the status quo.  Often rules were just common sense practises for specific situations that were later codified for ease of reference. However,…


Butt on Chair

practising piano.jpegIf you want to get better at something, you need to practise. You don’t magically become a superstar pianist, dancer, writer, coach. You might be born with a modicum of talent, but it’s the hours of callous-developing work that gives you the edge. 

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Disengage autopilot

We do a lot of things on autopilot and that can be good. It’s an evolutionary mechanism we have that allows us to learn quickly and to form habits. Doing something a few times cause our synapses to fire in certain sequences, causing pathways once non existent to become first rough dirt tracks and then tarred superhighways in our brain.…

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A new start

A new start doesn’t have to be punctuated by a grand moment. It doesn’t need an auspicious event to announce itself. It needn’t ride heroically on the back of a massive tragedy or a huge failure. It can just start. With you. With a choice that you make now and simply start walking the new path. Lose the pomp and…

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Stretch yourself

Today I attended our annual chess tournament in Orange Grove hosted by one of my wonderful friends. It reminded me how important it is to do different things with your mind. I hadn’t played chess since the last annual chess tournament and my game was seriously rusty. But after a few games, I really started getting into the swing of…

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