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Category: inner ramblings

Do we need to die?

What is the reason we still die? Is it just a technical glitch we haven’t figured out how to fix yet? We’re busy solving all the other technical glitches so we should eventually get to this one. Our religions have told us our only reason for living is to get to the glorious hereafter, but if we didn’t have to…

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The next evolution

We’ve been evolving for years. Our genes have kept mutating, testing out combinations that may work better in our environment. The aim is for the organism to survive. Genes are selfish – they want the organism to survive at all costs so that they can survive and propagate. Evolution goes a bit further. Some organisms have learnt to collaborate with…

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Always take the stairs

We get lost in our technology. It becomes easier to do things so we believe that the easier path is better. Progress leads us into a future full of exciting possibilities as well as stupendous inanities. The shiny glint of chrome, glass and plastic distracts and attracts us away from long-known truths about what really matters. A distracted mind is…

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Thank you

I took one last run through the city, One last service in the church I’d worshipped in so often. A suitable soundtrack of lofty French organ music to set the tone. I let my feet carry me along familiar paths, Taking me up, down, around and all again, Reliving the same flux of memories they brought. I passed places I’d…

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Let’s start again

I haven’t truly written anything for a long time. I have spent so much time consuming content that I forgot how important it is to create content. In fact I’m sitting here right now trying to think what I should write next. It’s really not that easy if you haven’t done it for a long time. You really need to…

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Take a step up

I watched a very interesting TED video yesterday – A monkey economy as irrational as ours by Laurie Santos. Laurie, along with a team of students from Yale performed a series of experiments to try understand why the human species makes the same il…

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