Don’t run before you can walk

50-useful-proverbs-all-english-speakers-should-know26If you’ve ever learnt to play an instrument, you’ll know that you start practising slowly and then gradually increase your speed as you manage to play the sequences flawlessly. If you make a mistake in the sequence, you repeat it until you’ve got it right, not once, but many times over. This repetition and discipline is one of the keys to mastery. Although we may all know and understand this, we often don’t apply it to our work life. 

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Get some context

When you find yourself in a new work environment, it’s tempting to want to prove yourself as soon as possible. In discussions or meetings, you may hear about a problem that sounds familiar to something you’ve experienced before. You’re itching to dive right in and give a solution to show that you have a valuable contribution. I … Read moreGet some context


I revisited an old stomping ground today – my old school in the Drakensberg. It conjured up quite a few memories. Memories of hikes through the mountains, tubing down the flooding rivers, running down from the school to go for swims in the river during school breaks. As I was walking along the river, I … Read moreMemory