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Month: March 2017

Thought of the Day

“It is not how CLEVER you are, what really matters is how CLEAR you are in expressing your thoughts and ideas.” – Sandeep Kumar



Your calendar is full. Packed to the brim with importance. Every hour from 5 in the morning until 10 at night is penned-through with activities. Morning email and coffee in bed, sunrise cycle with your team, breakfast board meeting, mid morning budget reviews, lunch with vendors, afternoon project audits, early evening gym session with the trainer, dinner with the Joneses, late-night email lobbying with your…

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It’ s a tricky thing, regret. We’re supposed to not have it, to not allow it to get to us. “Don’t dwell on the past. That doesn’t get you anywhere”, the mantra goes. But we all have things that we’ve done that we feel bad about, that we wish we could change or at least forget about. But the memories…


Thought of the day

“You may never know what results come of you actions, but if you do nothing there will be no results.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Friday roundup

Another week gone by. This one was quick! Here’s the interesting (at least I think so) articles I’ve been reading this week. Top challenges to digital transformation in the enterprise – CIO Organisational change is always tricky. There are some basic points you should take note of when doing this. This article describes these points well. What happens when a…

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Go for it

If you see something that needs changing, change it. If you have a point of view, express it. When you have an idea, try it out. When you can help someone, do it. When you have a chance to grow, take it. When a new experience makes you feel uncomfortable, go with it. When a random encounter looms, take it.…

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Bringing them into the fold

In agile software development, we talk about self-organising, self-managing teams. Teams that control their own work and determine what work they do, what they prioritise, and how they deliver the final results. The teams take on this responsibility with the proviso that they have everything they need. But how often do they really have everything they need? The most important things the team needs are, you guessed it, the…

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The bitter red pill 

I’ve written a lot about change. It’s made me think extensively about why change is so difficult for most of us. A lot of us would like to change things about our lives. Our minds know it, but our bodies reject it. It’s all about habits. Let’s take the example of getting software into production. If you’ve been in a…