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Month: January 2017


There’s a problem you need to solve. You have an idea that you believe will fix it. You put a plan together to implement your solution to the problem. You build a solution, taking a few months or even years to get it exactly right, just the way you want it. Then you launch to market, expecting to be on next…

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Scrambled signals

It’s sometimes amazing how simple it can be to solve a problem. Usually, it means getting together face to face, instead of long, threaded emails bouncing backwards and forwards trying to explain your point. It’s also not good enough to get only a few of the people together. Every stakeholder needs to be in the same room. If not, someone…

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The present presence

It’s difficult to live in the now. Our minds usually race between past and future, only briefly touching on the present when we have to deal with reality, like not crashing into the car in front of us, or avoiding the dog poo while out for a stroll. I guess that’s a human condition. We have the ability to remember events (although not as clearly as we think) and feel the emotions we felt then, as well as project ourselves into the future and imagine something that hasn’t happened yet. This is both a blessing and a curse.

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Don’t go it alone

The value in team work

This morning I decided I needed to improve my gym routine. I’ve been struggling to motivate myself lately and don’t feel like I’ve always been getting the value I could from my workout sessions. So when I got to gym this morning and heard an announcement for the “Killer Abs” class, it immediately piqued my interest, as it’s something I haven’t done in a while.

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The fallacy of the perfect Process

Things go wrong. All the time. That’s life. How we respond and adapt after they go wrong is what is important. In most organisations, there are policies, processes and procedures for just about everything. We document and codify everything believing that if we do this and then share these with everyone in the organisation as the official way of doing things,…

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Coaching for puppies 

fullsizeoutput_1Recently this beautiful little creature came into my life. He’s brought with him a profound change. Often you don’t realise how much of a routine you’ve created for yourself, how stuck in certain loops you’ve become. You need a new family member to shake things up a bit, to change the dynamic. My 2 cats are certainly having to adapt!
I’ve had 2 realisations so far from this experience. 


Not the machine

It saddens me when I see people being treated as interchangable cogs in the corporate machine. So much of our thinking is still rooted in the industrial age. One of the most common mistakes we make is time allocation. This issue is rife in software development. We allocate a person for 80% of their time to Project A and 20% of their time to Project B. That would…

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